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Israel's Gateway to U.S. Business & Innovation

So Many Reasons to Land and Expand here in Rhode Island

Are you an Israeli startup, entrepreneur, or innovator looking to tap into U.S. markets or establish and build a U.S. presence?

RIHub can help!

In collaboration with sibling organizations like the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative, RIHub serves as a one-stop resource for Israeli ventures looking to the United States to grow their businesses.

What we offer:

  • An immediate landing pad and temporary workspace at no cost to you
  • Free mentorship, business development, and educational programming
  • Access to our extensive business, government, and academic networks
  • Access to the Rhode Island Innovation Ecosystem, a local network of innovation campuses and sibling organizations that can provide support and resources across a diverse range of business needs and disciplines
  • Help finding, connecting with, and recruiting local talent
  • And more!

Rhode Island is quickly transforming into a thriving innovation hub, and offers a wealth of opportunities and incentives for Israelis who are looking for a gateway into U.S. markets and innovation communities. RIHub serves as the spear-point of a state-wide initiative to help Entrepreneurship thrive here. Together, we've built a powerful innovation engine designed to help Israeli entrepreneurs establish companies here in Rhode Island, grow those companies here in Rhode Island, and find success here in Rhode Island.

RIHub is located in the capital city of Providence, RI. We are an ideal location in the Northeast of the US because we are near the major metros, but without the high costs and crowded streets typically associated with other urban areas. We are 1 hour south of Boston and about 3 hours by car or train to New York City. Our cost of living is at least half that of these metro areas!

You aren’t alone…

RIHub is here to help you on your journey by offering:

  • 6 months of free incubation space at our RIHub – a Cambridge Innovation Center location
  • Venture Mentoring Services to help you build your business with expert support
  • Access to our innovation ecosystem that includes accelerators like MassChallenge and CoWrks Foundry as well as organizations that specialize in a number of areas such as materials science, Bio-Science and Medical Tech.
  • A place to enter and test your business before taking it to the big cities

We take pride in connecting you to global corporations headquartered in the US, and we have a special relationship with the U.S. Navy located in Rhode Island.

Why launch your US offices in Rhode Island?

Our connections and direct help to grow your business here are only part of the story. Our quality of life is excellent at ‘half of the cost’ of a big city. We have over 400 miles of ocean facing coastline as well as 11 world class universities and hospital groups. We truly are the vibrant hub for innovation here on the East Coast of the United States.

Join a diverse and thriving ecosystem!

Small in size, but home to a thriving startup community that spans a broad range of industries and expertise. Including:

  • Fintech
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Clean Energy
  • Blue Energy (we ARE the Ocean State, after all!)
  • Retail
  • Communications
  • Food, Beverage, and Culinary
  • Business Operations
  • Customer Experience
  • …..and more!

Leading companies call Rhode Island home

Rhode Island is proud to be home to a number of world leading companies:






World Leaders in Higher Education

Looking for a built-in brain trust? Thanks to leading colleges and universities, Rhode Island delivers!

The University of Rhode Island

Brown University


Johnson & Wales

Rhode Island College

Providence College

Salve Regina

In partnership with: