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Next session starts June 4, 2024

"There are no facts inside your building, so get outside!"

- Steve Blank

Many factors play in to the success or failure of a startup. The good news is customer discovery techniques will help you to dramatically lower your risk of failure.

You may be shocked to learn that the greatest risk is not at all about building your product. More often entrepreneurs fail to build the right product, something customer’s actually want. You can fix this! By finding and working with prospective customers early, you’ll dramatically increase the potential for success!

Our 5-week "all virtual" Customer Discovery  course will give you everything you need to master early customer learnings. The class is interactive and personal. Our instructor has worked with 100's of entrepreneurs and is an experienced NSF I-Corp program trainer. You will get ‘hands-on’ personalized advice to help you find, engage and verify that you are building the right product for the right customers.

Currently our Customer Discovery course is offered to entrepreneurs building their 'high growth' business with an office location in Rhode Island.

NOTE - This program is delivered 100% virtually in an online format. You will also get alot of one-to-one time with the instructor

"In a Startup, no business plan survives the first contact with customers."

- Steve Blank

“Well I already know what I’m building, why would I want to talk with customers when our product isn’t even ready to sell yet?”

When you talk to your prospective customers you will learn not only why they want your solution, but
how much they might pay and if they will continue to be a customer for you over time. Better yet –
some of these early ‘customers’ will help you to develop your product. You will find out why the
customer needs your product, what unmet need you will be filling. What could be better than that!
Based on Steve Blank’s (Lean Startup) techniques join our class to move your business forward with less risk.

RIHub’s Customer Discovery program will set you up to:

  • Learn essential customer interviewing techniques
  • Validate that you are focused on the right customer for your product or service
  • Clarify that you are solving a big enough problem for customers that they will buy
  • Understand which features will be most important for your customers
  • Consider the best ways to go-to-market based on your customers habits