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of Rhode Island

University Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A Network for University professors, administrators and practicioners of Entrepreneurshp

UNIE is an association of universities and colleges formed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. The mission of the group is to share best practices across schools located in Rhode Island and nearby regions. Rhode Island ranks #8 in the nation for highest percentage of college students enrolled compared with overall population. Only 20 minutes from the RI boarder is UMASS Dartmouth as well as a network of universities and colleges in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

MISSION: To encourage and support collaboration, networking and promotional activities of Rhode Island and regional colleges and universities involved in entrepreneurship.

Meeting agendas will be set by the University/College participants. RIHub is serving as the convening organization and will help to provide meeting infrastructure and operations.

FIRST MEETING: Join us for our inaugural meeting during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022, November 14-20.
Please fill out this form to let us know that you are interested in joining this group.