From being the first state to declare independence, to birthing the textile industry in the US, to inventing the steam engine. Rhode Island has proven that despite its small footprint, it’s a place where great ideas come to life. And it’s in that tradition that we launched RIHub.

RIHub’s not-for-profit mission is all about driving economic transformation, by helping entrepreneurs and startups more effectively focus and apply their ingenuity and innovation to solving the problems they’ve set out to solve.

Serving as the hub through for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Educators
  • Business leaders
  • Students
  • Investors
  • Organizations focused on driving innovation

RIHub’s core mission to help every member of Lil’ Rhody’s thriving innovation community connect, interface, and collaborate, to reach their “Next”.

Whatever your”Next” might be, RIHub can help you get there.

What is RIHUB?

A Startup Accelerator

The Gateway To Your “Next”

From “Idea to Enterprise”, Entrepreneurs all need help to take that next step. What ever that step might be, RIHub can help you take it.

The Network of Networks

Our pilot and partnership opportunities facilitate engagement between our members and industry leaders through workshops, mentorships, and corporate alliances.

A Space
to Create

RIHUB acts as a “soft landing” space for entrepreneurs graduating out of local university programs, and/or accelerator programs that are not yet ready for a permanent space.

An Investment

Our partners have the ability to accelerate their innovation agendas by working closely with our startups, and gain exclusive access to high-growth, high-impact startups across all industries.