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We are a network of innovators, investors, students, citizens and those interested in building our economy through new ideas.

A Startup Accelerator

A Gateway To Your “Next”

From idea to enterprise, entrepreneurs need help to take that next step. RIHub can help you get reach and exceed your goals.

A Network of Networks

RIHub facilitates engagement with industry leaders through workshops, mentorships, and corporate alliances.

A Space to Create

RIHUB offices act as a “soft-landing space” for entrepreneurs and start-ups not yet ready for a permanent space.

An Investment Opportunity

With exclusive access to high-growth, high-impact startups, RIHub partners are able to accelerate their innovation agendas.

From being the first state to declare independence, to birthing the textile industry in the US, to inventing the steam engine, Rhode Island has proven that despite its small footprint, it’s a place where great ideas come to life. It’s in that tradition that we launched RIHub.

RIHub’s not-for-profit mission is all about driving economic transformation by helping entrepreneurs and startups more effectively focus and apply their ingenuity and innovation to reach their goals.

RIHub Venture Mentoring Services

Make your next step a giant leap.

At RIHub Venture Mentoring Service, we believe when an entrepreneur is connected with a team of experienced business people, good things will happen. Our goal is to increase and enhance the entrepreneurial talent pool in Rhode Island and enhance the success of RI ventures.

Our Community

Our network of industry leaders is always growing.



RIHub is here to help with information to help you navigate through the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.