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A Pitch Competition for All Rhode Island Startups

Join us April 25th from 5-7pm @ URI Swan Hall

$10,000 in Cash Prizes
Open to all Rhode Island Startups
Applications Open February 20 – March 20th
Applicants Notified by April 12

Here's your chance to tell your business idea to the world. You will get 3 minutes and 2 slides to pitch to our 3 judges. RI-Pitch is a great way to get feedback and help you to build your confidence before getting in front of accelerators and investors. This pitch competition is for ALL Rhode Island Startups. We are open to all business ideas, however we are looking for those ideas that have the potential to 'grow big and global'. This competition is not focused on local business.

You do not have to have a going business at the time of the pitch, but you will need to explain your business idea and provide 2 slides to help the audience and judges to understand.

How to prepare for a 3 minute pitch?

You might want to focus on these concepts:

  1. Describe the problem you are solving
  2. If that problem is personal to you, add a compelling story about how you came to this idea
  3. Your solution and why it is unique
  4. How big is the market that you will serve?
  5. Who are the competitors and why will you beat them?
  6. What kind of traction do you have so far?
  7. Who is on your team?
  8. What is your future vision
  9. Do you have an ask? "We are looking for $100k in seed funding to..."