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Bradley Adams Founder & CEO Aerogami

Bradley Adams is the driving force behind Aerogami, an original in the world of mobile technology. He graduated from Bryant University with a bachelor’s degree, and concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance and applied analytics. With a career dedicated to partnership development, product innovation, and team management, Bradley has seamlessly blended his expertise to redefine how users engage with documents. By turning any document into a mobile application, Aerogami is setting a new standard for efficient solutions in the mobile tech industry.

Under Bradley's leadership, Aerogami stands for innovation, making significant strides in the mobile tech landscape. Collaborating with insurance partners, Aerogami, through its flagship product DigiDoc, has achieved remarkable milestones, delivering over 100,000 documents in 2022 alone. Participation rates soaring to 88% and an impressive 42% average click-through rate highlight the effectiveness of Aerogami's approach. Specializing in travel and health insurance, DigiDoc has become a game-changer by not only enhancing customer engagement and retention but also by reducing operational expenses for partners.



How have your past experiences with startups helped Aerogami to be where it is today?

Most of my past experiences have been as an employee for other founders helping build their visions which allowed me to play a central role in executing out the concepts and strategy without taking on all the risk. It was a great way to learn from more seasoned founders and understand the process of bringing a new product to market.

Bradley, what inspired you to focus on transforming documentation into a mobile experience?

I wish I could say it was a big moment of inspiration that came to me all at once but like many great innovations, it was a series of accidents that led me here. The first piece was my own experience as a student abroad in 2015 when the Paris Attacks happened. I was in Brussels and all we had was a wallet card to call in an emergency.

It felt like a very old-school and ineffective way of passing that information to us as students to navigate a crisis like that. That was eight years ago and to this day travelers are expected to print out a PDF and carry it with them on their trip should anything happen and they need to call for help. The same is true for our other insurance products.

There have been steps to go digital but the truth is the mobile technologies that have worked for other industries haven’t worked in insurance and these policy documents have the same level of interactions as Terms & Conditions. For me, my inspiration comes from all the good we can do by helping people get to the resources they need when they matter most.

What sets Aerogami apart from other solutions in the market?

The key difference between our product and other mobile technology alternatives is two fold. The first is DigiDoc acts as a bridge between what is done today and what our customers want to build tomorrow. Since we are PDF based we can use what they currently deliver to power our tool. There’s no need to build a whole new tool or experience with us.

The second is we deliver a personalized experience within three clicks, something a mobile app could never do. It’s the reason with see such high engagement rates from our users and our retention tends to be better. People want a personalized experience but they don’t want to trade any more of their time than they already have to access it.

With a background in entrepreneurship, finance, and applied analytics, how do these concentrations play into the success of Aerogami?

Bryant was a great place for me to start my journey as a entrepreneur. Although my concentrations helped me gain specific knowledge in a few key areas, it was really through my involvement and the culture on campus that prepared for the startup world.

You never know what the day will bring and what you might need to learn or who you might need to involve to solve a problem. Bryant taught me how to work in a team, lead people, and be solution-oriented.

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