A service that provides unbiased, experienced business advice and guidance to entrepreneurs in Rhode Island.

RIHub VMS is a free and confidential service exclusively for the RI business community. RIHub VMS harnesses the knowledge and experience of volunteer mentors and other business leaders to help entrepreneurs with innovative ventures, learn what they need to know to begin and sustain a business. RIHub VMS believes that active support of entrepreneurial activities improves RI’s economic ecosystem and its role as a growing leader in innovation. Relationships between mentors and aspiring entrepreneurs are established on the basis of each entrepreneur’s needs and preferences, and the interests of the available mentors. RIHub VMS is available to entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas they would like to see become RI based businesses.

If you are currently running a business or just thinking about getting started, let RIHub Venture Mentoring Service help you with advice from senior business leaders, proven entrepreneurs and executives interested in your success.

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RIHub Venture Mentoring Service is open to all entrepreneurs who are committed to bringing new and innovative businesses to the Rhode Island marketplace.

We support businesses from any industry and at any stage of development – from concept through implementation.

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“Thanks again for organizing yesterday’s meeting. I genuinely found it very helpful. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a lot of mentoring programs. Normally it’s great to get the support, but the advice doesn’t really stick much. Yesterday was different. The advice provided by my mentors was all really relevant and eye-opening and worthwhile. So thank you for making it happen.”
Michelle PetersenTextUp, Co-Founder