Our mentors are an elite group of professionals carefully selected based on their expertise in business formation and operations, and for their skills as advisors as well as their desire and ability to give back. Our mentors all feel passionate about being a part of the supportive infrastructure for Rhode Island’s business community. Mentors’ careers represent a wide range of experience, such as founders, CEOs, chief technical officers, or executives of companies. These mentors bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and contacts across a broad range of industries and markets. Mentors participate in VMS for many reasons including the intellectual appeal of this work and the collegial team approach VMS uses to address each entrepreneur’s needs.

Participants are assured impartial and unbiased advice by a code of ethics to which all mentors must adhere.

RIHub VMS has attracted a dynamic group of volunteer mentors who want to give their time so that others may succeed.

Utilizing the proven MIT model, VMS has a solid infrastructure for the program allowing mentors to be unencumbered to do what they do best – give great business guidance.

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