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Rhode Island Blockchain Ideation Summit

Chart Your Course

October 19, 2021

 10:00am - 11:30am

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“Imagine the Possibilities” around Blockchain with entrepreneurs, executives, state personnel, students and thought leaders.

“Chart your course” for Blockchain with entrepreneurs, executives, state personnel, students and thought leaders. Rhode Island is setting the course to be a blockchain destination, boosting our economy and attracting companies and jobs.  Where are you on this journey? 

Digital technologies are disrupting industries and economies around the world. This creates both challenges and opportunities for policy makers and stakeholders seeking to grow industries and employment within their jurisdictions. Rhode Island is uniquely positioned to become a destination for Blockchain in all sectors, including Financial Services, Healthcare, BlueTech, Insurance and Construction.

Blockchain changes everything and you are invited to explore the possibilities with us.

We invite you to engage in a facilitated workshop focused on understanding how we can work together to leverage the benefits of Blockchain to create a dynamic new ecosystem that would bolster existing and emerging industries in Rhode Island and benefit consumers globally.

What is a blockchain? A digital and distributed ledger of transactions or a decentralized database that keeps continuously updated digital records in real-time across a network of computers. This one-day event will help you to ‘chart your course” of a future that leverages blockchain in Rhode Island.

Coinciding with RIHUB’s Startup week, this session will offer an introduction to Blockchain including the concepts of how it will change business, data management and cybersecurity. Learning from a world-class ‘blockchain ideation facilitator,’ and supported by business leaders and representation from state government, this event will be an dynamic conversation around setting the course for Rhode Island’s blockchain future.

This session will help stakeholders chart their course for blockchain in Rhode Island.  Enterprise leaders will benefit from considering how blockchain will change the future of their business and our state. Entrepreneurs will see opportunities emerge in real time, helping them to chart a course to innovative new businesses.  Practitioners will have an opportunity to share ongoing work and applications while seeing real time new business problems to solve.

Following this ideation session we will identify blockchain challenges that will feed into a Blockchain Garage workshop, where the ideas generated will be tested and scenarios for implementation can be discovered, evaluated, and developed.